Diversity Committee 


Kristoffer Park, Ph.D.
(323) 230-0771
[email protected]



Mission Statement:

1. To educate each other, and the LACPA community and raise our awareness, knowledge, and tools regarding multicultural issues.
2. To provide a forum for discussions and information sharing in order to enhance cultural awareness as a group.
3. To organize workshops and invite sharing of current research and experiences in order to build multicultural competence and community.
4. To incorporate the updated 2017 “Layered Ecological Model of the Multicultural Guidelines” within the organization. This includes considering the current cultural values and norms, as well as laws and governmental influences, political diversity; and issues of social justice.

The Diversity Committee is comprised of psychologists, students and other LACPA members, who are working to support the provision of professional education and training on race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, political and religious issues.  In addition, the Diversity Committee aspires to build a community of culturally aware and responsive psychologists within LACPA. The committee organizes workshops in an effort to raise awareness and increase knowledge and understanding of psychologists and clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. The committee meets every quarter at either the LACPA office or a mutually agreed upon location or by conference call.


  1. Organize 4 continuing education events per year related to issues of diversity. Each event provides free 1.5 units of Continuing Education if the program meets the criteria used by the CE Committee. Each event includes food and time for round table discussions.
  2. Publish a 300-500 word description of Diversity Committee activities in the LA Psychologist under “Human Home” in at least two of the four issues.
  3. Publish articles and research on the listserv on a monthly basis to keep the LACPA community aware and involved in the mission of the Diversity Committee.
  4. Collaborate with other Psychological Associations and strengthen relationships to increase diversity.
  5. Provide a description of the committee at Convention to raise awareness about the events and increase membership in the committee and the organization.
  6. Provide training for the Board of Directors once or twice a year about issues of promoting diversity in leadership.