Arab American Heritage Information and Resources:

In recognition of Arab American Heritage Month, the Diversity Committee has put together the following information and resources to understand the meaning of the Arab Heritage Month and its history. This list includes many resources to understand the culture including movies, books, and online art shows. 
Arab Americans are those individuals with ancestral, cultural, ethnic, linguistic, familial, or heritage ties to one or more of the 22 Arab League countries.....The diversity in country of origin of Arab immigrants makes understanding health indicators difficult, as the differences in health outcomes among Arabic League countries can be disparate. Social determinants in these countries vary dramatically from high poverty and war torn to highly affluent and stable. Arab Americans have varied nativity in the United States: foreign-born (first generation), U.S. born children of immigrants (1.5 and second generation), or U.S. born to U.S. born parents (third and greater generations). The diversity in country of origin, geographic location, tenure in the United States, and acculturation makes studying Arab Americans difficult and the task of generally understanding Arab American health monumental. 
The Health of Arab Americans in the US: An Updated Comprehensive Literature Review
American Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African Psychological Association
Los Angeles Public Library Arab American Heritage Month Highlight
City of Santa Monica Activities for Arab American Heritage Month
A Proclamation on Arab American Heritage Month
An Overview of Arab American Heritage Month
Arab American National Museum
List of Prominent and Notable Arab Americans
Orientalism - Edward W. Said's groundbreaking critique of the West's historical, cultural, and political perceptions of the East
This nice documentary by PBS from 2023 illustrates the immigration of Arabs to the US and their presence in different areas of American society. 


Compiled by LACPA's Diversity Chair, Kristoffer Park, Ph.D.