From Your Friendly
Neighborhood Diversity

Harpreet Malla, Ph.D.



 Hello LACPA family, 

I am writing on behalf of the Diversity Committee today to address the racially-based issues that have overtaken our communities, minds, and hearts. 

I know that this is a difficult time and unfortunately, one ripe for division. I encourage you to instead take this opportunity to pause and reflect on how each of us as mental health professionals has a responsibility to inform ourselves and be of service to our clients during this revolutionary period. 


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LACPA Statement on
Racism, the Death of
George Floyd, and our
Commitments Moving

Kenneth Skale, Psy.D.


As the voice of psychology for Los Angeles County, the LACPA Board of Directors 
stands with African American communities against racism, police violence, injustice, and oppression. For far too long institutional racism has continued to plague our nation and has resulted in horrific acts with a host of mental health consequences, most recently highlighted by the tragic death of George Floyd. As professionals dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing and health of our communities, it is incumbent upon us to voice our concerns and take action. 


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