Armenian American Mental Health Association


Armenian mental health resources for Los Angeles County Psychological Association

Established in 2007, the Armenian American Mental Health Association (AAMHA) is the only active 501c3 non-profit organization in the United States representing Armenian mental health and psychology professionals of Armenian descent. The organization also welcomes individuals with special interest in Armenian psychology. AAMHA is headquartered in Los Angeles, home to the largest Armenian diaspora in the world outside Armenia. AAMHA aspires to promote culturally-informed mental health education, utilization of services, professional consultation, and dissemination of mental health resources for the Armenian-American community. AAMHA also hosts CE events, fundraisers, conferences, townhall meetings on educational topics, and support groups for community members affected by ongoing humanitarian crises in the homeland. This organization collaborates with local, national, & international mental health organizations to eliminate mental health stigma through advocacy, community education, and awareness. 

To learn more about AAMHA, event offerings, directory, consultation or other inquiries, please visit . The organization may also be contacted via Facebook or Instagram (@aamhawest). Mailing address: P.O.Box 588, Glendale, California 91209

Armenian American Community Resources in Los Angeles County

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