Book Club

Photo of Dr. Amy Rosett Book Club Chair


Amy Rosett, Ph.D.
[email protected]




Dr. Amy Rosett provides individual, couple and family psychotherapy to adults in Encino.  She specializes in clinical geropsychology.  For over 17 years she provided psychological services in long term care facilities.  Dr. Rosett teaches classes about clinical geropsychology and has been an APA Approved Sponsor of Continuing Education since 2017.  She is a Past President and former Board Member of LACPA.

The LACPA Book Club provides an opportunity for LACPA members to share their interest in books in small group settings fostering both discussions from psychological perspectives and networking opportunities.

There is one Book Club leader, Dr. Amy Rosett, and then each book group has a leader.  Currently, there are three book groups, located in Encino, led by Dr. Sondra Goldstein; Santa Clarita, led by Dr. Lynne Steinman; and the West L.A., led by Dr. Lauren Wecker.  Each Book Club group meets four times a year, usually in February, May, August, and November.  Meeting times vary; currently, they are held on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.  It is hoped that more groups will be offered in a wider range of geographical areas within Los Angeles County.  
The Book Club leader’s responsibilities include (1) announcing the books and meeting times on the LACPA listserv; (2) communicating with the LACPA office, including providing attendance lists for each group; (3) encouraging communication among the group leaders; (4) organizing the process for selecting books for the upcoming year; (5) writing an annual article for the Winter issue of the LA Psychologist about the four books for the upcoming year; (6) recruiting and training new book group leaders; and (7) any additional club-related tasks, such as writing descriptions of the Book Club. 
The Book Group leaders (1) offer a meeting space in his/her home, office or other location; (2) inform the Book Club leader of the exact date, time, address, and contact information for each meeting (3) communicate with the LACPA members who regularly attend the group’s meetings; (4) encourage LACPA members to attend the meetings; (4) keep attendance, making sure that each person is a LACPA member, and (6) emailing the attendance list to the Book Club leader after each meeting.  Each meeting leader can decide if they want to provide snacks and/or prepare information about the book and/or author or have group club attendees do this.  When a group leader provides information about the author and/or book in advance to the Book Club leader, it is shared with the other group leaders.