Child & Adolescent SIG


Photo of Dr. Dan Franklin Child and Adolescent Group Leader


Daniel Franklin, Ph.D.
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The objective of our Child and Adolescent SIG is to provide the LACPA community an opportunity to meet and discuss topics that are relevant to all aspects of child and adolescent development. We host four or five presentations each year, led by local experts on child and adolescent issues. We identify individuals whose work is widely recognized, accepted, and adheres to the highest professional standards. It is also our objective to help members of LACPA increase their knowledge of issues related to child and adolescent development, promote a sense of community among child and adolescent specialists within LACPA, and help the LACPA community build stronger and closer ties to other practitioners who serve the needs of children and adolescents throughout Greater Los Angeles. 

Daniel Franklin, Ph.D., BCET, is the author of Helping Your Child with Language-Based Learning Disabilities (New Harbinger Publications, 2018). He holds a MEd from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Ph.D. from UCLA in Education. Daniel is the founder and president of Franklin Educational Services, Inc., which provides a wide range of specialized educational services.