Conscious Aging SIG

Lynne Steinman, Ph.D.
Cris Scaglione, Ph.D.
Stacy Reger, Ph.D.
[email protected]

The Conscious Aging SIG is designed to offer a platform for connection for those LACPA members who are older and/or who have an interest in the topic.  At the first meeting, needs and interests will be assessed, as well as willingness of the participants to take an active role in sustaining the group.  While content will be guided by the needs assessment, it is likely to include topics like healthy aging, retirement (from both personal and professional perspectives), and lived experiences related to aging/agism.  Again, format will also be guided by the needs assessment, but may include book/article study, discussion, sharing resources (for anything from professional retirement materials to information about opportunities to help make this part of life more personally rewarding and meaningful).