Ecopsychology SIG

Debra Borys, Ph.D. and Pamela McCrory, Ph.D.

From APA Div 34: Ecopsychology explores humans’ psychological interdependence with the rest of nature and the implications for identity, health and well-being. Ecopsychology topics include emotional responses to nature; the impacts of environmental issues such as natural disasters and global climate change; and the transpersonal dimensions of environmental identity and concern. 

I. Statement of Purpose and Description of SIG:  

Exploration, discussion and education about issues and impact of climate change, sustainability and related environmental concerns.   

The aim of the SIG is to stimulate and enhance awareness, knowledge and understanding in the psychological community of philosophical, emotional, community and sociocultural issues posed by climate change and related environmental concerns—their causes and impacts.  For those that choose to consider action, we will include recent work/conceptualization in the field of psychological and interpersonal stages of ecological awareness, reactions and action.  In turn, we will also learn together about recognizing our clients/patients’, agencies’ and trainee/students’ concerns and responses to ecological issues and how to support their journey with those. In all activities, we will also interweave the following as relevant: 1) exploration of disparate impacts of climate change on already disadvantaged groups locally and internationally; 2) ethical issues of psychologists; and 3) psychologist self-care needs.