Film Club 

Photo of Dr. Amy Rosett Film Club Chair


Amy Rosett, Ph.D.
[email protected]




Dr. Amy Rosett provides individual, couple and family psychotherapy to adults in Encino.  She specializes in clinical geropsychology.  For over 17 years she provided psychological services in long term care facilities.  Dr. Rosett teaches classes about clinical geropsychology and has been an APA Approved Sponsor of Continuing Education since 2017.  She is a Past President and former Board Member of LACPA.

The LACPA Film Club provides a forum for LACPA members to view films, and ideally to meet and discuss the films from psychological perspectives. Thus, there is an opportunity to both converse about psychological issues and to network.

When first established, the Film Club met in the LACPA office and other locations, viewed a film together and then discussed it.  However, due to legal restrictions, LACPA cannot show films, either in the LACPA Office, member’s homes or other locations, unless they have specific written permission from the person who owns the rights to the film’s distribution.  Periodically the Film Club leader, Dr. Amy Rosett, is contacted by a film distribution company or producer and a screening opportunity is made available for all LACPA members. 
Beginning in 2013, LACPA members have had the opportunity to join Film Independent (FI) at a discounted group membership annual fee.  FI is a non-profit organization for independent filmmakers and produces the annual Spirit Awards.  As FI members, one has the opportunity to screen all the nominated films at a theater and receive screeners or online access to many of them.  In addition, there are free screenings and other film-related events throughout the year.  In order to take advantage of the discounted group membership, LACPA members must join and pay together.  It is the responsibility of the Film Club leader to publicize this benefit through the listserv and a convention flyer (see below), collect the fees and member information required by FI, and foster the communication between LACPA members and FI. 
Additional Film Club events have and/or might include:
1) Organize film screenings at a movie theater, followed by a no-host gathering in order to discuss the film and socialize.
2) Attend an exhibit or similar event related to film in general.
3) Encourage LACPA members to view films on their own and then meet for a discussion.