Local Advocacy Network (LAN) 



Richard Espinoza, Psy.D.
(323) 508-7907
[email protected]

The mission of the Local Advocacy Network Committee is to connect LACPA members with CPA’s and APA’s governmental grassroots advocacy efforts.  Governmental advocacy represents efforts to promote and sustain the profession of psychology and includes legislative and judicial activities as well as efforts directed toward state and federal regulatory agencies. The LAN committee educates members about the importance of governmental advocacy and works to integrate governmental advocacy efforts into the overall mission of LACPA.  In addition, the LAN works to educate LACPA members about the importance of political giving through the CPA-PAC. 

• Respond to requests for grassroots action from CPA and APA in a timely fashion through the LACPA listserv and other means 
• Forward LAN news clips from CPA to LACPA's listserv to help members stay informed about an issue affecting our profession
• Provide feedback on grassroots efforts to CPA advocacy staff
• Provide feedback to CPA LAN Chair and CPA staff about legislative ideas/changes in the law, etc.
• Build relationships with L.A. County area legislators, through district meetings, training on handling distressed constituents, meet and greets legislative roundtables, or fundraisers
• Update LACPA members on the status of current legislative initiatives
• Attend CPA’s Leadership and Advocacy Conference and Lobby Day in Sacramento each year and recruit LACPA members to attend
• Nominate L.A. County legislators who support psychology-friendly legislation
• Assist LACPA President in raising funds for CPA-PAC and attend PAC dinner during the CPA Convention
• Guest edit the annual advocacy issue of The Los Angeles Psychologist