Resources for Clinicians:


Latest developments for practicing psychologists in response to COVID-19 - APA 2/17/22

COVID-19 FAQ and Time to Satisfy Exam Requirement Update - The Board of Psychology 6/4/21

Trust Risk Management COVID-19 Practice Resources - 6/19/20

Sample Informed Consent and Other Resources on In-Person Services - CPA 5/11/20

APA Telehealth State Summary during COVID-19 - APA 5/4/20 

Anthem Documentation Guidelines  

Insurance company policies on COVID 

Psychological Testing and Telehealth - APA 4/14/20

Neuropsychology and Telehealth - APA 4/14/20

Medicare Updates - APA 4/14/20

HealthCorps - 4/6/20

News for Anthem providers re: COVID-19 

Beacon Health Provider Info - 4/6/20 

Insurance Commissioner’s Notice - 4/6/20 

APA information for telehealth and Medicare coverage - APA 4/6/20

Medicare Expands Access to Psychological Services - CPA 4/1/20

California Health Corps               

FAQs for Practitioners

California Health Corps Opportunities for Psychologists to Provide Urgently Needed Services

COVID-19 and Psychology Services: How to Protect Your Patients and Your Practice

 APA COVID-19 Resource List 

Board of Psychology COVID-19 FAQ’s

Small Business Loan Information

Medicare and COVID-19

Health and Human Services Updated HIPPA Information 

Telehealth Informed Consent Sample

APA Telemental Health Series

University of Redlands Comprehensive Resource List 

News for Anthem providers 

City of LA resources for local small businesses impacted

State of CA resources for workers and businesses impacted 

Beacon Health Provider Info

California Psychological Association List of Resources

Unemployment/Family Leave