SIG Coordinator









Yingying Liu, B.S. - [email protected]

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Committee Mission Statement:
The mission of LACPA’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) is to create smaller communities within the larger LACPA context, in order to provide outlets for discussion and exchange of ideas surrounding specific topics of interest. Such exchange helps promote feelings of inclusivity and community among members, while allowing for the sharing of diverse viewpoints around particular areas of interest. Furthermore, while SIGs may foster inclusivity among individuals with similar interests, they also encourage openness to individuals who may want more knowledge about less familiar topics – creating such opportunities for learning and discussion ultimately help equip LACPA members with knowledge and experience to make positive contributions to the mental health community, as well as foster greater care and understanding for themselves.

Position Description:

The SIG coordinator is responsible for:

  1. Serving as the liaison between SIG Chairs and the LACPA BOD
  2. Holding an annual meeting at the beginning of the fiscal year to describe to SIG Chairs the guidelines, requirements, and procedures of SIG leadership.
  3. Ensuring that SIG Chairs and members act in accordance with LACPA’s anti-trust and copyright laws, and for reporting any breaches to the BOD.
  4. Helping the SIG Chairs in starting, reviving, running, and managing SIG committees and events.
  5. Collecting attendance sheets from SIG Chairs after each SIG event, keeping a thorough tally of events and attendance throughout the year, and reporting this data to the BOD twice per year.
  6. Making sure that SIG Chairs are meeting their event quota per year
  7. Following up with SIG Chairs about the status of the SIG and helping in facilitating disbanding if necessary.
  8. Interviewing prospective SIG Chairs, presenting them to the EC committee for approval, and informing them of SIG guidelines and procedures should they be approved.