Spring 2023 President’s Column
Miriam Hamideh, Ph.D.

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What Can We Do?

There is an expanding body of literature indicating that workplace environments are a crucial component of our mental and physical health. Research suggests that workplace conditions that support psychological health include positive feedback, meaningful rewards, a manageable workload, fairness, and community (Maslach & Leiter, 2022). We, as a society, are becoming more aware and more literate about our mental health needs. In 2022, the American Psychological Association found that a large proportion of employees reported having an unsupportive working environment, with a vast majority agreeing that mental health support in the workplace is a determining factor in choosing work (Stringer, 2023). Fortunately, the same survey revealed that over 70% of respondents felt that their employers are more concerned about mental health than ever before (Stringer, 2023, p. 58).

Communicate: Within the work environment, we can encourage more open dialogue between leadership and employees as well as among colleagues about our mental health struggles and needs.
Offer Resources: Tools on practicing self-care and establishing healthy coping strategies should be available to all. Just as patients are provided with community resources, mental health professionals should have access to treatment recommendations. This includes outpatient facilities to be treated for substance use and mental health issues in a modality that does not interfere with work or personal life and still allows for anonymity.
Support Each Other: We can create our own support circles and groups dedicated to dealing with and preventing burnout and other mental health and substance use issues. LACPA has created a number of committees dedicated to supporting its members’ general well-being, including the Colleague Awareness Resources and Education (CARE) committee, which offers intervention, education, and referrals for psychologists who are experiencing different forms of distress or impairment.

As LACPA members, we can do our part to support one another and strengthen our community of psychotherapists. LACPA should feel like a reliable resource for members of all different backgrounds and specialties. As a society, we need strong communities of psychologists both to treat this generation and to inspire future generations. Having our material and psychological needs met allows us the necessary space to further our passions and innovate. 

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