LACPA: Your One Stop Shop for all your CPD Needs!

LACPA’s ethos has always been what underpins the goals of the new Board of Psychology Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements:

The ongoing development of multi-faceted competencies needed for quality professional performance through a variety of learning and professional activities.

Here’s how you can meet most (if not all) of your CPD needs through involvement in the Los Angeles County Psychological Association.

For each 2-year renewal cycle, you must accrue a total of 36 hours from at least 2 of the 4 activity categories. Any combination of activities can also be used towards our minimum required 4 hours of Law & Ethics (L&E), or the minimum required 4 hours of Cultural Diversity/Social Justice (CS/SJ) activities. Many trainings, SIGs, and events have an L&E or CD/SJ focus. Our biennial law and ethics training via liability insurance company “The Trust” fulfills the L&E requirement. Also, for those of us who are supervisors, LACPA also provides a biennial 6-hour supervision training. Your attendance at/participation in any event can be virtual or in-person. You can easily accrue your 36 hours every 2 years across at least 3 categories through involvement in LACPA activities.

CPD activities not directly available through LACPA are:  #1 PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY: practice outcome monitoring (9 h max); BOP/EPPP examination functions (12 h max); BOP expert review/consultation (12 h max); attending a California BOP meeting (8 h max).  #2 ACADEMIC: academic coursework (18 h max);  academic instruction; supervision (18 h max); peer-reviewed publications (9 h max).  #4 BOARD CERTIFICATION: ABPP certification = all 36 hours in the renewal cycle that certification is awarded. If already ABPP certified, there’s a one-time 18-unit credit, with the other 18 hours having to be in at least one other CPD category.

Some activities might count towards more than one category, so you will have to decide where you would like to record them. 

CPD Chart

This information can always be found on the LACPA website:

The BOP tracking chart can be found at

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Click Here for the BOP CPD guidelines

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